Our Goal

Our goal is to make it much easier to the compare doctors, clinics and hospitals, and especially their prices.

For example, we have compiled price information for almost every LASIK provider in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.
See Las Vegas LASIK Prices
See Salt Lake City LASIK Prices
See Boise LASIK Prices

Our hope is that as we add more services we believe it will shine a light on the providers who not only have great services but who also have clear and fair prices, hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

Not Just Prices

It can be hard to compares medical services. The prices are not only hard to find, but comparing the prices is not always an apples to apples comparison. There are can be hidden fees, some prices include just the facility fee, while another is just the doctor's fee...

We try to ensure that you have the necessary information to compare prices properly. If a price doesn't include the doctor's fee, we make sure to flag it. And we try to call out common add-on fees for each service.

But comparing prices alone is not enough. We also provide information about the clinic/hospital and the doctors (including their recent ratings and reviews) so you can get a more holistic view for each of your options.

Our Plan

We currently provide the most comprehensive comparisons for LASIK service providers, as well as other eye care service providers, on the internet.

We are constantly working to add more information and more services. Keep checking back with us. We will document our progress on our blog and social media accounts.

Additional Information

Please leave a review. Share a price. Add to the knowledge base and help us bring as much clarity to the US healthcare experience as possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, etc., go to our Contact page, or email us directly at

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