Davis Vision Center
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Davis Vision Center in Utah
Davis Vision Center in Utah
Davis Vision Center does not currently manage this listing. The information presented has been sourced from publicly available data and independent reports. 

Refractive Surgery Cash/Insurance Prices


CPT: S0800
$2,600 per eye
The reported cash price for LASIK at Davis Vision Center is $2,600 per eye. This includes 1 year of free post operative care. However, the price for LASIK at Davis Vision has also been reported to be $1,700 per eye when using Groupon. (This has not yet been verified.)
The duration free post op care is 1 year.

Insurance Prices

Insurance Prices: N/A
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CPT: S0810
$2,600 per eye
PRK (cash price per eye)
Insurance Prices: N/A

The Doctors of Davis Vision Center  

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Dr. Brian Davis

Dr. Brian Davis Ophthalmology in Utah
US News: 5.0 Healthgrades: 4.6 WebMD: 4.2

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Google: 4.9 Facebook: 4.3 Yelp: 4.5