The Best LASIK Providers (and their Prices) in Utah - 2023

LASIK Prices in Utah

Last updated: Nov 2022

After talking with nearly every LASIK provider in the state of Utah, this is what we learned...

In all we talked to around 30 LASIK providers, including 6 in Salt Lake City, 4 in Murray, 4 between St. George and Santa Clara, 3 in Ogden, with the rest scattered between Provo, Draper, Lehi, Logan, Cedar City, Sandy, etc.

Which clinics have the best prices?

Almost a third of the providers didn't offer clear prices. This means they could not give an exact price for LASIK per eye but instead they could only give a price range (such as "up to $2,500 per eye", etc.).

Using the data from the 2/3s that did give a clear price:

The cheapest LASIK prices are found in and around Salt Lake City. As of the time of this article, Advanced Eye Care offers $1,600 per eye, The Eye Institute has a special offer for $1,650 per eye, and Pingree Eye Center (West Valley City) offers LASIK for $1,750 per eye.

(As a reference, three of the more well known locations, Excel Eye Center, Hoopes Vision, and Waite Vision, offer LASIK for $2,200 per eye, $2,450 per eye, and $2,850 per eye, respectively.)

Which providers have the highest prices?

The LASIK Institute of Utah has the highest potential price--their reported price was "up to $4,000 per eye".

(As another reminder, these prices are PER EYE, and were the reported prices as of the time of this article, October 2022.)

Price Transparency and LASIK

Price Transparency has become a hot topic in healthcare.

In Utah, we found only two locations that publish their prices on their website:

Waite Vision >> Waite Vision's Pricing Page
The Eye Institute of Utah >> The Eye Institute of Utah's Cost of LASIK page