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We researched every LASIK provider in Utah in 2023. This is a summary of what we learned.

LASIK Price Range in Utah

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Average LASIK Price in Utah

Other Things to Consider When Shopping for LASIK

Pay attention to the number of free post operative consultations:

  • LASIK prices in Utah reportedly range from $1,500 per eye to about $3,000 per eye

Note what types of LASIK each provider offers (many people look for LASIK that is both bladeless AND custom) and the experience of their doctor(s):

Map of Lasik Prices in Utah in 2023

Average LASIK Price in Utah

If you are shopping for LASIK in Utah, expect a price around $2,200 per eye. In fact, more than half of the eye doctors in the state offer a price at or below $2,200 per eye. And according to our estimates, the average LASIK price in Utah is somewhere between $2,000 per eye and $2,300 per eye*.

LASIK Price Range in Utah

At the low end, one LASIK provider in Utah reported a price of $1,500 per eye. A few other providers have prices in the $1,600 to $1,800 range.

On the high end, at least one LASIK provider reported that LASIK could be as high as $4,000 per eye at their facility. Other clinics/hospitals chose to be vague, reporting prices of "$2,200 or more per eye". Depending on how much "or more" could be, it is possible that one of these locations could charge a price even higher than $4,000 per eye.

Fortunately, the practice of having imprecise, sliding-scale prices** is becoming less common than it was years ago. Most clinics and hospitals in Utah now have a single fixed price for LASIK.

When excluding the eye centers with vague and opaque pricing, and only considering Utah providers with fixed prices, we estimate that the LASIK price range in Utah is about $1,500 per eye to about $3,000 per eye***.

What is included in the price of LASIK?

When calculating how much you will have to pay in total for LASIK you must know what is included in the price of LASIK. Pre-operative and post-operative consultations are necessary when getting LASIK, and there are sometimes medications that are needed as well. Some hospitals have also been known to charge registration fees just to get registered as a new patient.

In general, most LASIK prices you see are ALL INCLUSIVE. Pre-op and post-op consultations with the ophthalmologist are usually free, and they might even provide some medications and eye drops for free (to be used at home after the surgery) on the day of the LASIK procedure.

The main difference found among providers in Utah was how long after the LASIK procedure could a person get free post-operative consultations. Some providers offer free post-op consultations with the doctor for 3 months after the surgery, while others offer free post-op consultations for up to a year. Some also offer free LASIK "touch ups" for up to 1 year after getting LASIK.

The 10 Lowest Prices in Utah

These 10 LASIK providers reported the lowest prices:

Wasatch View Eye Care: South Jordan $1,500 per eye
Advanced Eye Care $1,600 per eye
Pingree Eye Center $1,750 per eye
Graf Medical Eye Care & Vision Center $1,800 per eye
Mountain States Eye Center $1,800 per eye
Utah Eye Centers - Pleasant Grove $1,890 per eye
The Eye Institute of Utah $1,950 per eye
Clear Vision Institute $2,000 per eye
Clayson Williams Eye Center $2,000 per eye
Insight Eye Specialists $2,000 per eye

More than just price

Of course, price is not everything. It is also valuable to compare clinics and hospitals based on their ratings. Maybe even more important is knowing who the doctors are at each location (including how many years of experience they have and what their individual ratings are).

And finally, when comparing LASIK options it is critical to know the type of LASIK a doctor/clinic has the capability to provide. (Learn more about types of LASIK, such as custom, wavefront, bladeless, etc. here.)

Compare LASIK Prices, Ratings, and Ophthalmologists in Utah

To make comparison as easy as possible, we've compiled pricing, rating and doctor information for over 30 LASIK providers in Utah and sorted them into 4 different regions:

Salt Lake City: $1,500 per eye to $2,600+ per eye
(Includes Salt Lake City, Murray, West Valley City, South Jordan, Draper, Sandy, and the surrounding communities (plus Park City))

Utah County: $1,900 per eye to $2,850 per eye
(Includes Provo, Orem, Lehi, American Fork, Spanish Fork, Springville, Payson, and the surrounding communities. Some locations in Heber and as far south as Ephraim might also be included.)

Northern Utah: $2,000 per eye to $2,500 per eye
(Includes Ogden, Layton, Logan, Brigham City, and the surrounding communities.)

Southern Utah: $1,800 per eye to almost $2,400 per eye
(Includes Cedar City, Saint George, Santa Clara, Hurricane, and the surrounding communities in Southern Utah.)

Current LASIK Deals and offers in Utah

First: Learn the Base Price

Before diving into the special offers going on in Utah currently, it's crucial to know the starting price for LASIK surgery. (Go through our LASIK prices per region to learn more, see above.) Because some clinics fail to provide transparent information, it can be difficult to assess the true value of their deal. (Which is better $2,200 per eye or $1,000 off of [price unknown]? Impossible to tell.) We'll delve into the offerings of each clinic and see if we can unpack what each really means.

The Vision Institute of Utah and LasikPlus: The Unclear Starting Price

Unfortunately, The Vision Institute of Utah and LasikPlus fall short in providing a clear starting price for their LASIK procedures. Without this crucial information, their discount offers of $500 off per eye are rendered somewhat meaningless. As a savvy consumer, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the total cost before making a decision.

Davis Vision: Good Deal, But More Clarification Needed...

Davis Vision's LASIK deal of $700 off per eye sounds good but there is some confusion regarding the actual base price. Reports indicate that Davis Vision's regular LASIK price is $2,600 per eye. With the $700 discount, one might assume the final cost is $1,900 per eye. However, other sources suggest the $700 discount applies to a $2,400 per eye base price, resulting in a total cost of $1,700 per eye when using the Groupon. Either way, the deal is a good one, but some more clarity about the actual starting price would be nice.

Advanced Eye Care: Conflicting Numbers

Similarly, Advanced Eye Care's Groupon promotion claims a $2,300 per eye ($4,600 for both eyes) base price, with a $901 discount per eye, making it $1,399 per eye after the deal. However, conflicting reports suggest a $1,600 per eye base price. The absence of clarification from Advanced Eye Care raises questions about the true value of their discount offer.

The Eye Institute of Utah: Transparency at Its Best

Amidst the ambiguity of some LASIK deals, The Eye Institute of Utah stands out by providing a clear and transparent starting price. According to their website, the base price for LASIK is $2,550 per eye. With their $600 discount per eye, patients can confidently determine the actual cost: $1,950 per eye. The Eye Institute of Utah sets a positive example for transparent pricing.

Also, for all public servants (firefighters, policemen, etc.) who serve Salt Lake City, The Eye Institute of Utah has a deal of $800 off (for a total of $1,750 per eye). (No expiration date could be found, so it should still be an active offer, see the deal here.)

Hoopes Vision: For Mom's only (expired deal)

To be fair, Hoopes Vision was also clear when they advertised their "MOMS the WORD" LASIK deal. (This deal has now expired, but there is a chance they will bring it back next year around Mother's day.) Their starting price of $2,450 per eye was clearly displayed in the advertisement, and with their $650 off per eye offer (only available for women), the final price per eye came to $1,800 per eye.

UNlimited time offers

One observation regarding LASIK deals in Utah is the extended duration of some promotions. Some may feel like "limited time offers" but more research reveals that some of these promotions have been going for years. Comments on current Groupon deals for a few clinics indicate that some the offers we've talked about have been available since 2017. This raises the question: do these "deals" merely reflect the regular prices? Maybe.

Deals Summary

In summary, there are deals to be had, but make sure you understand the true value of advertised discount by first nailing down the starting price. (See our LASIK prices pages for reported prices).
While some clinics provide clear and consistent pricing, others leave potential patients guessing, leading to confusion and uncertainty.

*The average price rounded to the nearest dollar was $2,166 per eye when only considering the 30+ providers in Utah who gave a single price for LASIK (not a range).
**Eye centers with a sliding-scale pricing model for LASIK claim that their prices are based on how bad a person's prescription is (usually the worse or more unique a person's glasses prescription, the more LASIK might cost). Also the more advanced the technology or technique used the more the clinic or hospital might charge.
***There are campaigns that advertise LASIK prices of $1000 or less, but these can't always be trusted, so these were also excluded from our estimate.

Prices and ratings for each LASIK provider in Utah

Warning: Not all of the providers have shared and/or confirmed their information at this time. Please verify all information independently. Updated: November 2023
Types of LASIK
Types of LASIK
Most people look for LASIK that is both bladeless and custom/wavefront, but...more
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