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What Does LASIK Cost in Tucson, AZ?
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A comparison of 14 eye centers, clinics, and hospitals in Tucson, Safford, Sierra Vista (Arizona)

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Lasik in Tucson
There are over 10 eye centers and ophthalmology practices in Tucson area according to the last report.

LASIK Price Range in Tucson, AZ

LASIK prices in the Tucson area range from about $2,300 to $2,500 per eye. (Based on research done on 14+ clinics and hospitals in or near Tucson, AZ.)

Most recent data suggests that Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman & Hunter Eye Care and Surgery Center on Oracle Road offers one of the lowest prices in the Denver area at about $2,300 per eye.

(Information based on reported information only, confirmation pending.)

Average LASIK Price in Tucson, AZ

LASIK in the Tucson area costs about $2,400 per eye on average. Skip to the full list of prices ↴

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Other Things to Consider When Shopping for LASIK

Pay attention to the number of free post operative consultations:

The LASIK Vision Institute (Tucson)
$2,299 per eye*
*Includes 3 months of free post operative care
(According to the latest report)

Note what types of LASIK each provider offers (many people look for LASIK that is both bladeless AND custom) and the experience of their doctor(s):

The LASIK Vision Institute (Tucson)
PRK: Available Bladeless LASIK: Available Custom LASIK: Unknown
Dr. David P. Simon
Experience & Credentials: M.D., FACS, Cornea Specialist and General Doctor, 20+ years of experience | Ratings: Google: No Reviews Healthgrades: 4.4

Prices and ratings for each LASIK provider in Tucson, AZ

Warning: Not all of the providers have shared and/or confirmed their information at this time. Please verify all information independently. Updated: November 2023
Types of LASIK
Types of LASIK
Most people look for LASIK that is both bladeless and custom/wavefront, but...more
Tucson, AZ
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