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Reported LASIK prices in Select Health:

Not all LASIK providers have confirmed their information, please verify indepenedently:

Average LASIK price in Select Health

Average Price: Not enough data; LASIK price range in Select Health: Not enough data

What to watch out for when shopping for LASIK

When evaluating LASIK options, it is important to be aware of the following:
1) Prices are almost always "cash pay" prices.
2) The type of LASIK Provided.*
3) The number of free post-operative consultations included in the cost.†
4) The experience of the doctor.‡


Southwest Eye Consultants (Cortez) - No LASIK at this location

PRK: Unavailable Bladeless LASIK: Unavailable Custom LASIK: Unavailable*
Post op care duration: N/A†
Dr. Moss J. Fenberg: M.D., Retinal Specialist and General Ophthalmologist, 10+ years of experience‡

All reported LASIK prices in Select Health:

Providers that have NOT confirmed their information at this time will be marked with a "⚠︎" sign. 
Please verify all information independently.
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