Our goal and purpose

Our purpose is to improve the healthcare experience for everyone in the United States. 

Far too many healthcare experiences in the US are expensive, confusing, frustrating, all at once. It is a complicated system and it will take a lot to untangle all of it.

So to start, our goal is to focus on a few select services, in a few western states (Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho), and to make it much easier to the compare doctors, clinics and hospitals who provide these services.

Prices, Ratings, Reviews

We have gathered information about each provider (clinics, surgery centers, hospitals) in these states, including their prices, their discounts and common add-on fees, their doctors, as well as their ratings and reviews (for both their doctors and their facility or company as a whole).

This information is now available for LASIK providers, and soon information for MRI and CT Scan providers will be added as well. Anyone can now compare prices and ratings for LASIK providers by region, or find more in depth information about a single provider on the provider's MEDfindr listing.

As we add more services we believe it will shine a light on the providers who not only have great services but who also have clear and fair prices, hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

Additional Information

Please leave a review. Share a price. Add to the knowledge base and help us bring as much clarity to the US healthcare experience as possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, etc., go to our Contact page, or email us directly at info@medfindr.com.

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